Patient Reviews for Balanced Body Acupuncture

50 year old Female
Presenting Symptom: Knee Pain

"I was very discouraged about my arthritic knee when I came to Margaret in February 2013. I have been told by two orthopedists that I needed a new knee and had a torn meniscus. They both told me that as I was too young for a knee replacement, I'd have to hang in there until I was in my 60s. I had stabbing pains in my knee 24/7. I didn't know how I could continue on like that.

Several friends insisted that I go to Margaret and see if she could help me. I felt an improvement after only a few sessions and I continued to feel progress every week. It's now 2 months later and I am pain free, and have a normal range of motion. I am doing things I haven't been able to do in months! I shudder to think of the pain I'd be in if I hadn't gone to Margaret for acupuncture. She's an angel!"


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